Hospitals are in need of Intubation Boxes to treat some COVID 19 cases. J R Glass built a prototype with drawings and guidance from a surgeon at Bay State Medical Center, and with input and plans published by medical practitioners in other parts of the world that are further ahead in the Covid-19 pandemic. The box is made of clear Lexan, a poly carbonate. It is designed to be disinfected and reused. It is approximately 24 inches wide, deep and high. There are armhole openings in the back and one on the right side. There are port covers commonly used at hospitals that could be used in the arm openings. We do not supply these.

We are selling these at our cost to produce which includes design, materials and labor, for $350.00 per unit.  They can be picked up at J R Glass, 860 Water Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420 once fabricated for your medical setting. 

To read more information about these boxes from a respected local doctor, please click here.

Please note the following conditions: 

  1. The unit will come with a protective white layer that is put on during the manufacturing process. It must be removed and then the unit must be cleaned and disinfected to your hospital’s normal standards. Lexan and poly carbonate products scratch easily. If the wrong kind of cleaner is used, the poly carbonate turns white and is no longer clear.  A full list of cleaning options is available that come from the manufacturer. You must use a soft cloth also.
  2. The units must still be handled with care. We recommend that two people move and carry the units at all times because they are large and heavy.
  3. For the safety of our employees, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. Please inspect your unit carefully before leaving J R Glass.  
  4. This in no way takes the place of any personal protective equipment measures and protocols in place in your medical setting. This is meant to create a safer way to intubate patients with COVID-19. We are glass installers and fabricators and cannot and do not make any claims about the effectiveness of the units. We are filling a very short term need in this current medical crisis.

To download the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer, click here.

Currently, we expect to be able to have your finished product between 1 and 3 days. We do expect to sell out of materials and product.

We have a limited delivery in the Fitchburg area. There is an additional fee for that depending on where it is.

Payment is required at the time of purchase. We have prepaid for the materials to construct the intubation boxes and therefore, cannot extend credit. Once your order form is processed, you will be provided an invoice number which you will need to process your payment and to pick up your unit. You can either call and give your payment information to our office staff over the phone, or you can process it online through our website. 


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A local doctor picks up his intubation box from our office.


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