Information on Frameless Shower Enclosures

A Frameless glass enclosure is functional and beautiful. The glass enclosure can make the space seem larger. The clear glass allows the tile work to show through the glass. Decorative glass comes in many patterns and textures that will obscure the view and provide for a more private space.

Frameless shower enclosures feature a door without any metal framing. There is minimal framing used to secure the enclosure to the walls. Framed shower units are still popular and tend to be less expensive. Neo angle enclosures are designed for corner installations.

3/8″ glass versus 1/2″ glass                           

Most work is completed with 3/8″ glass. However, ½” glass makes sense for a tall door. We find that glass does bow slightly in the tempering process. The 1/2″ glass is more stable and will be straighter. Others install ½” glass for the weight and feeling of extra quality.

Header Versus No Header

A header is used to stabilize the design. We also use a fixed transom for this purpose. When we come out and make recommendations and prepare an estimate, we always look for the best option to meet your design and safety needs.

Seals and Deflectors

We install a sweep or deflector at the bottom of the door to control the water when the shower door is opened. Depending on your particular installation, we will select the best type of deflector. It is important to understand that under normal conditions, your shower will need to be adjusted from time to time and the seals/deflectors will need to be inspected and possibly replaced.

The Plan

We have a lot of experience laying out bathrooms and will work to give you the design you want. If you have a picture of what you like, that help. We can work in the early planning stages, or come in after the tile is complete.

 Curb:  Frameless units are place on a 4″ or 5″ curb which is sloped or pitched to keep the water in the shower. This detail determines the placement of the enclosure.

Wall Support: We want to mount your wall hinges to give the unit the best support. A wood substrate is the best. We always use molly’s to anchor the hinges to the tile.  Pivot hinges are sometimes a solution depending on the situation.

Shower Head: The shower head placement impacts the design choices and we work the design to minimize the water leakage. The direction of the water and the use of seals helps us to achieve this.

Whether you want to add towel bars, a bench, glass shelves or grab bars, we will take it all into consideration. 


We sell ShowerGuard glass. A step is added during the manufacturing to add a permanent coating to the glass. It helps prevent water and minerals from building up on the glass. It will be easier to keep clean. Different manufacturers offer similar products that produce good results. 


Our Customer, Ann, Writes:



“Good Morning…

After waiting anxiously all day yesterday, I finally was able to get home around 8pm last night and saw the shower. It was NOT what I expected –it’s so much more!!! I’m still in awe of the amazing work J&R has done and I never in a million years expected something so nice. Honestly, this has been the highlight of our whole home renovation. After months of being let down by other trades, this was a welcome moment for both Matt and I. 

We are both so thankful for everything you, Ryan, and others at J&R have done for us. We have already passed along your name to those who have seen the glass and are just as amazed as us, and I’m sure we will be doing so for a long time to come. Thank you, a million times, thank you!!”


The details:

  • Clear glass
  • Chrome hardware
  • The door and notched side panel were hung with a clamp system.