J R Glass is making Safety Shields to help protect small and large business employees and customers as they open to feeling safer. We are using a Polycarbonate product, which is Unbreakable, far more scratch resistant and longer lasting than the cookie cutter Acrylic “Plexiglass” versions the box stores are selling for the same money. No one knows how long were going to need these guards, like you I wish we didn’t, but we put them on our counter too at J R Glass. We felt early on that this was important to not only help our community, but keep our family of employees working at the same time. We have been making these guards for the simple cost of materials and enough  to cover labor to keep our staff on the payroll.


Our guards are custom made to each specific location, type of business, countertop type, and need. We have done everything from hanging them from ceilings, mounting to counters, and even just as simple and easy as U shapes set on the counters with transaction slots to pass items thru. We can typically have them done in a few days  from the day we measure them. And there is no charge for measuring and designing. We want to help as many businesses get back to business as possible.


We can be contact through email at Service@JandRglass.com or by calling the office at 978-345-0177.