J R Glass converts storefront doors to take out windows to help restaurants and small stores stay viable. Busy fast food restaurants are doing it to increase capacity beyond the drive-up window. When this is all over, we remove the panel and install their glass again.  If you know a business that could benefit,  have them call J R Glass. It is so simple and it keeps people out of your restaurant or store. If you would like a quote, please complete the form. No need to stop by, we know you’re busy. We have franchise restaurants and convenience stores already signing up their locations for this smart, temporary window.


We have also developed a safety shield out of clear poly carbonite for the local stores of a national donut chain.  The shield of protection helps  workers stay safer.  They continue to come in and serve coffee and food for our emergency responders, medical professionals and essential business workers that must continue to be out in the community, in spite of the risk.  If your employees need another layer of protection, let us know how we can help.



To start the order process, or get more information about these temporary windows for storefronts and shields for registers, please fill out the form below.